ON OCTOBER 13TH, 2007 A 21:40.

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Compass Films is an independent documentary film production company located in France. It was founded in 1997 by Klaus Reisinger and Frédérique Lengaigne, two photographers craving for in depth story-telling. Working as a close-knit team, we focus on the complex relationships between humans, animals and nature. We believe that years of research are necessary to understand our subjects intimately and avoid prejudice. Only a small structure like Compass Films can afford this flexibility and independence. The company was launched with a six-year production of two 52-mn documentary films for National Geographic Explorer in Burma: "ELEPHANT POWER" on wild and domesticated elephants and "BURMA'S FORBIDDEN ISLANDS" on the Moken, a tribe of sea-nomads in the Mergui Archipelago. Our latest film, "RED VELVET" was shot in Siberia and South Korea in 2005 and 2006. Independently produced, "RED VELVET" is now distributed worldwide by National Geographic Television International.